Apache Pig

Pig is a high level scripting language that is used with Hadoop. It is used for writing complex MapReduce transformations using a simple scripting language, without knowing Java. Pig Latin (Pig’s simple SQL-like scripting language) defines a set of transformations on a data set such as aggregate, join and sort. Pig translates the Pig Latin script into MapReduce so that it can be executed within Hadoop. Pig Latin is sometimes extended using UDFs (User Defined Functions), which the user can write in Java or a scripting language and then call directly from the Pig Latin.

Pig was designed for performing a long series of data operations, making it ideal for three categories of Big Data operations: standard extract-transform-load (ETL) data pipelines, research on raw data, and iterative processing of data. For large ETL data pipelines

PIG charecteristics are the following:

  • Extensible. Pig users can create custom functions to meet their particular processing requirements.
  • Easy to program. Complex tasks involving interrelated data transformations can be simplified and encoded as data flow sequences. Pig programs accomplish huge tasks, but they are easy to write and maintain.
  • Self-optimizing. The system automatically optimizes execution of Pig jobs, so the user can focus on semantics.

Pig Latin is a flow language whereas SQL is a declarative language. SQL is great for asking a question of your data, while Pig Latin allows you to write a data flow that describes how your data will be transformed. Since Pig Latin scripts can be graphs (instead of requiring a single output) it is possible to build complex data flows involving multiple inputs, transforms, and outputs. Users can extend Pig Latin by writing their own functions, using Java, Python, Ruby, or other scripting languages.

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