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bird-academyPoslovna inteligencija Ltd. has started selection preparation and employment program of young talents called BIRD Academy. BIRD Academy is, for the time being, launched in Croatia, with tendency of expanding to other countries of Adriatic region in the future. Abbreviation BIRD comes from Business Intelligence Research & Development. BIRD Consulting is the name of our subsidiary in London. Poslovna inteligencija is always recognized as market leader, continously investing in employees. We have decided to start this academy with goal of improving young experts with practical knowledge, so they can become efficient members of our implementation team. Candidates will get wider view on all our areas of expertize and their evolvent will be monitored by their mentors and during the academy they will take exams. Best interns will get the chance of becoming the part of the Poslovna inteligencija team. If, by any chance, some of the candidates will not fit the company's profile they will still have the free education for later purposes.

First generation of BIRD Academy started on March 4th 2013
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Through education and training we allow our clients to completely utilize implemented tools in everyday business. We provide trainings for specific tools, DWH and BI methodologies and tailor made training for the purposes of specific projects.


We provide services needed for successful design, development and implementation of Big Data Processing and Analytics systems. Big data analytics is the concept of data analysis and deriving useful information from large volumes of data that is rapidly being generated in modern business.


MDM system provides a holistic, single view of foundational business entities, commonly referred to as master data such as customers, employees, citizens, locations and products. Successful MDM projects facilitate better operational efficiency, higher customer loyalty and successful compliance efforts.


Strategic consulting is a service provided by our top management consultants who have wide expertise in business processes in most industries in design and implementation of various types of business strategies.


Our methodology for managing and supervising of projects is characterized by the speed in which first useful results are produced, efficiency in implementation, the flexibility of the methodology, the effectiveness of risk management, quality assurance and optimization of project documentation.


Implementation  of intelligent information systems for support of the business decision making process is our primary field of activity. According to our clients' needs and expectations, we will provide either turnkey solutions or work together with our clients experts on implementation projects.


Nearshoring services

Our company is providing nearshoring development services for implementation of DWH/BI/PM systems for clients in different countries in EU. We can combine shorter on-site visits with majority of the activities done off-site through secure connection.



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