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Free Trial of Tableau Software Now Available on PI Personalized Webpage

Tableau free trail webWould you like to have a good tool that allows you to visualize your data with a focus on business intelligence in an interactive way? Maybe you would like to see first how such a tool would apply to your business and how it helps you exactly?

Poslovna inteligencija is a Tableau partner for the Adriatic region. Take advantage of the free trial download, which is now available for Tableau Software. All you need to do to get started is to visit our personalized webpage, register and download your free trial version. During the trial version, our experts will provide you with all the necessary support!

Tableau Software helps people to see and understand data. Tableau’s award-winning software delivers fast analytics, visualization and rapid-fire business intelligence on data of any size, format or subject. The result? Anyone can get answers from data quickly, with no programming required. From executive dashboards to ad-hoc reports, Tableau lets you share interactive analytics in a few clicks. More than 15,000 customer accounts, including some of the world’s largest enterprises, rely on Tableau Software. For more helpful information and insight into the functioning of Tableau Software, watch this short video, also available at our personalized web page for downloading the free trial.

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MS Case Study: Central Bank Creates a Flexible Solution to Improve Efficiency of Its Analysts

CBBHMicrosoft (MS) Case Study from the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) was officially released this week on the MS website. The Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) recognised Poslovna inteligencija (PI) as a reliable partner with proven competencies and experience with working on development and implementation of decision support systems, data warehouses and business intelligence system projects that include deployment of leading technology solutions.

PI designed a more robust and reliable data warehousing and BI platform within CBBH to, among other, stop relying on Excel spreadsheets, which is also a requirement of the EU. CBBH and Poslovna inteligencija built the back-end data warehousing, reporting and analysis systems on Microsoft technologies for the internal needs of the Department of Statistics and Publications of CBBH. For the needs of public reporting and for the front-end, CBBH selected Panorama Necto, Enterprise BI tool with Visual Data Discovery functionalities.

“We can now access additional data analysis capabilities that weren’t available before. Also, the new solution enables us to publish and access data more quickly than before,” said Ervin Zolić, Head of the BI Implementation project team in the CBBH. The feedback from both internal and external end users has also been very positive. Users are particularly pleased with the intuitive and familiar interface that does not require training and drives adoption. Other user experience features include a broader set of features and notifications about changes in data. The Case Study in its entirety can be read here.

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New Version of PI Telco DWH Model Released

telco brochureEarlier this fall, we have released two new PI DWH Model brochures, which are available for download, as well as a website dedicated exclusively to PI DWH Models. Poslovna inteligencija Telecommunications Data Warehouse Data Model (PI Telco DWH Model), has now been extended with new functionalities. For example, the ​​Subscriber Location Subject area has been added within the Revenue and Usage functional group, and the number of tables has been increased. In addition to the traditional requirements of business intelligence, the new 2.1. Version is also addressing new Big Data Analytics requirements, related to the data from the sensors, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT). For more information, visit the official website of the Models.

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New Website on DWH Models - All about Data Warehousing in One Location

telco brochure title pageIf you've ever wanted to learn more about the data warehousing and their benefits for your business, now you have the possibility to find it all in one place simply explained. We are introducing the new website on PI Data Werehouse Models

The new website is designed as a central place where you can find all the information about our DWH models sorted by industries – specifically on the PI Telecommunications Data Warehouse Model (PI Telco DWH model) and PI Banking Data Warehouse Model. With the new website written in English, we want to promote our DWH models, which are oriented to international customers. Here you can find a description of our services related to the implementation of the models. A contact of all our partners in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Pacific is also availabe. Visit the new PI website Industry Standard Data Warehouse Models and feel free to contact us with no hesitation!

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New Reseller Partner of Poslovna Inteligencija in Iran

Iran reseller logo transparentCompany SimorghTadbir has become our new Value Added Reseller for Poslovna Inteligencija (PI) DWH Data Models in Islamic Republic of Iran.

Founded in 1998 as an IT solution provider, SimorghTadbir is one of the leading vendors for IT Consulting Services in Iran. They provide services for IT-Outsourcing, IT Service Management, Data Warehouse and Data Integration. Based in Tehran, SimorghTadbir operates through a network of companies and freelance contractors with more than 30 experienced consultants. Their customers are some of the largest enterprises and ministries in Iran.

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Through education and training we allow our clients to completely utilize implemented tools in everyday business. We provide trainings for specific tools, DWH and BI methodologies and tailor made training for the purposes of specific projects.


We provide services needed for successful design, development and implementation of Big Data Processing and Analytics systems. Big data analytics is the concept of data analysis and deriving useful information from large volumes of data that is rapidly being generated in modern business.


MDM system provides a holistic, single view of foundational business entities, commonly referred to as master data such as customers, employees, citizens, locations and products. Successful MDM projects facilitate better operational efficiency, higher customer loyalty and successful compliance efforts.


Strategic consulting is a service provided by our top management consultants who have wide expertise in business processes in most industries in design and implementation of various types of business strategies.


Our methodology for managing and supervising of projects is characterized by the speed in which first useful results are produced, efficiency in implementation, the flexibility of the methodology, the effectiveness of risk management, quality assurance and optimization of project documentation.


Implementation  of intelligent information systems for support of the business decision making process is our primary field of activity. According to our clients' needs and expectations, we will provide either turnkey solutions or work together with our clients experts on implementation projects.


Nearshoring services

Our company is providing nearshoring development services for implementation of DWH/BI/PM systems for clients in different countries in EU. We can combine shorter on-site visits with majority of the activities done off-site through secure connection.



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