Data Warehouse Model for Telecommunications

Poslovna inteligencija Telecommunications DWH Data Model

Poslovna Inteligencija Telecommunications Data Warehouse Data Model is standard industry data warehouse model applicable for fixed and mobile telecommunications operators, covering both traditional Business Intelligence requirements and Big Data Analytics. It is based on industry best practices, developed and applied during data warehouse system implementations in major telecoms. Also, it is open for necessary alterations and modifications required by each customer. Full implementations or parts of the model are in use in:

      • Croatian Telecom and T-Mobile Croatia (DT Group), Croatia
      • Montenegro Telecom (DT Group), Montenegro
      • JP Hrvatske Telekomunikacije d.d., Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
      • Two large mobile operators in North Africa
      • One large mobile operator in Asia 

The model is based on strong Primary Key – Foreign Key relationships that will assure consistency in the model itself and in content of implemented DWH System.Logic of the model is following TM Forum's Information Framework Shared Information Data Model (SID), as a common reference model that service providers, software providers, and integrators use to describe enterprise management information. Based on data represented in the model, all standard Telecommunication reporting and analysis Data Marts can be delivered.

Model is Developed with CA ERWin. In current version 2.1 of the model, model has more than 340 Entities (Tables) grouped in 29 Subject areas, grouped in five main functional groups. Subject Areas functional grouping is as follows:

Common Business

    • Business Items and KPI’s Subject Area
    • Party Subject area
    • Product Subject area
    • Location Subject area
    • ETL Process Execution Audit Subject Area

Customer, Account & Subscriber

    • Customer Subject area
    • Rate Plan Subject area
    • Sales Subject area
    • Number of Subscriptions Subject area
    • Loyalty Program Subject area
    • Contact Center Subject area
    • DM - Churn Prediction
    • Marketing Campaign Subject area

Revenue & Usage

    • Recharge Subject area
    • Revenue and Collection Subject area
    • Dunning Subject area
    • Traffic Subject area
    • Traffic Aggregations Subject area
    • Interconnection Subject area
    • Subscriber Location Subject area

Finance & HR

    • CAPEX Subject area
    • OPEX Subject area
    • Procurement Subject area
    • Human Resources Subject area

Infrastructure, Workflow & Inventory

    • Inventory Management Subject area
    • Project Subject area
    • Quality of Service Subject area
    • Resource Capacity Management Subject area
    • Service Provisioning Management Subject area

Telco DWH Model brochure available for download

Visual representation of the model:

 telco dwh model

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